Scaff Master Live Demo

Test drive the Scaff Master app!

To use the app, scroll down to the end of the bottom section and accept the terms and conditions – don’t worry, no information is gathered or passed from the app!

The app runs faster on a phone or tablet but this demo still clearly demonstrates the inspection report creation process.
Please note that the camera functions are disabled in the demo and it will not create or send any data/reports.

In the field, once the inspection or handover has been completed, and any pictures taken, a report is created and immediately emailed to the client and any other pre-configured recipients before being archived into secure cloud storage.

Click here for an example report

Click here for pricing

We can customize the app to fit the needs of your business, just let us know what you want!

Please note that as the Timesheets feature is an optional add-on it is not included in the demo at this time.

If you would like free trial version of the fully functioning app on your own devices in the field please contact us using the link below.