Scaff Master Case Study

We were approached by RS Scaffolding, a medium-sized scaffolding contractor, to develop an app for their scaffolding inspections.  

They had seen a significant increase in the volume of inspections they were undertaking and felt that the manual completion of inspection reports was very time consuming, costly and insecure.  

Their existing reporting system could not easily include the photographs that were being increasingly requested and they felt it was important to visually record the state of certain parts of the scaffolding – such as access points – on the reports and for future reference.  

They had previously tried using another software package but felt that it was not working for them as it was too complicated, expensive and didn’t actually work as expected. 

We developed a more user-friendly app that automatically created and distributed inspection reports and handover certificates along with a system of recording all the inspections on a cloud based spreadsheet for invoicing purposes.  

Now in daily use at three depots throughout the NW and N. Wales, they are very pleased with the app. It has enabled significant time to be saved, eliminated entry errors, provides better record keeping for invoicing and has resulted in happier customers thanks to the improved reports and delivery system.

The feedback from the inspectors has been excellent and they have also noticed an increase in the number of inspections they undertake each month.

“Scaff Master has been a revelation for my company! 

All staff involved in the inspection process are delighted with the app. It looks very professional and has greatly improved the inspection process saving us time and increasing profits!  Until using Scaff Master I didn’t fully realise the whole cost involved in creating, distributing and storing reports manually.

Ted has worked very hard to deliver an inspection system tailored specifically to our needs and I am sure it will suit most scaffolding companies in the UK, and their customers will also love the speed of delivery, accuracy and completeness of the reports”

Wayne Osborne
R.S. Scaffolding

If you would like a trail of Scaff Master customised to your company just let us know – it’s fully functional and can be used in the field.