The Benefits of a Mobile App

A modern phone, or tablet, brings with it a host of advantages in a mobile app – here’s a few taken from our Scaffolding Inspector app:

GPS & Geolocation

Nearly all smartphones now have a GPS.

Before the user sets off for the site they can view all the current projects/sites on the map – selecting a site gives the option for driving directions from their current location or from another site.

Upon arrival at the site the app has already sorted the [continuously updated] list of projects/sites by distance from the user with the current location being first in the list enabling easy insertion of the site details into the inspection report.

As part of the report the user can, with a single tap, include their current location which acts as a verification of the reports validity.


No longer just for pictures on holiday! Instead of a signature the user can include a timestamped picture of themselves to validate themselves as the author of the report.

Photo’s can also be included of Scafftags and any parts of the scaffolding that require attention.


If the scaffold is tagged with an identity barcode this can be scanned and timestamped, again to verify that the correct scaffold has been inspected.

Voice to Text

Voice typing makes entering free text easy

Phones and tablets are increasingly able to carry out voice to text making entry into free text fields as simple as dictation.

Automatic Synchronisation

When the report is finished the data is automatically uploaded to cloud storage making it immediately available to authorised co-workers and ensuring its security.