With this latest optional feature, your employees can now conveniently record and manage their work hours using the brand-new clock-in and clock-out feature.

Managing timesheets has always been a crucial aspect of operations, ensuring accurate data for payroll and project tracking. The new clock-in and clock-out functionality will enhance efficiency and streamline the process for all employees who can now conveniently record and manage their work hours even when working remotely.

Here’s what you can expect from this new feature:

Easy Time Tracking: With just a couple of taps on their smartphone, employees can now clock in at the start of the day and clock out when they finish work. No more manual entries or guesswork – the app will record the exact hours and minutes worked.

Real-Time Syncing: Timesheet data is synced in real-time to the same spreadsheet that holds all your Inspection and Handover records, ensuring that your office team can access all timesheet information instantly.

Automated Location Tracking: We understand the importance of precise timesheets and the need for transparency, so we have incorporated an automated location tracking system. 

When an employee clocks in or out using the Scaffolding Inspector app, their location is automatically recorded and a clickable link to the location in Google Maps is created in the Timesheets spreadsheet

The Timesheet tab in the spreadsheet will show each user’s clock in and out times and a clickable link to their associated locations at the time of clock in and clock out.

Timesheets are an optional add-on to the main app.